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Raft Wars Multiplayer

Raft Wars Multiplayer

Date added: 2020-04-24
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Use the mouse to aim and shoot at the enemy


Raft Wars Multiplayer is a fun-addicting action game unblocked. It is really easy for all people to enjoy the new match on their desktop or download on mobile! It is about a challenge made by Martijn Kunst and TinyDobbins. In which, you are asked to defend the treasure of friends. So, it is necessary for you to block wicked pirates and sink their ships before they approach the place where the item is hidden.

It's completely free for you to play Raft Wars Multiplayer online on any platform that you love! It is a great playfield to check your own shooting ability and other skills! Before you attack anybody from the other opposite side, you should not forget to aim. It is not simple to do that! Observe the entire map and memorize the foes' spot so you can demolish them first! Note that it is a turn-based battle! Therefore, you can't know how much damage you take. Attempt to perform your hits accurately to survive and level up! Don't ignore upgrades and every stuff from the shop!

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