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Zombies In The Shadow

Zombies In The Shadow

Date added: 2017-12-27
plays 3.428
0.0 / 10
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Use WASD keys to move, the mouse to aim and shoot, E to bash in brawl, X or double click to jump, F to place or throw the device, R to reload, Space to open the inventory, Z for night visor, Q to change the devices, 1-3 to switch weapons.


Zombies In The Shadow is one of the top action games in which you have the time to check the own shooting ability. You are participating in a difficult mission that you have to complete at all costs to become the winner. What you need to do is to kill the undead quickly before they eat your brain. Look out! Something stronger is hiding in the dark. Try to act carefully to protect yourself and survive until you wipe out every dangerous enemy! Good luck!

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