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Horror Nights Story

Horror Nights Story

Date added: 2020-04-27
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0.0 / 10
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Interact with items in Horror Nights Story game by using the mouse button


Play Horror Nights Story the new adventure game free online and experience fantastic gameplay your way! It is currently available on mobile, too! Hop into a fun-addicting journey by yourself and show up your thinking ability to find the exit in the shortest time! You are trapped in a dark and you are being supervised by a lot of scary lurking monsters. Meanwhile, it is impossible to search for any help from friends! To become the winner and survive, you must escape as soon as you can.

Start Horror Nights Story unblocked with some simple tools and remember to place them properly! While torches are effective to light up dangerous areas, you can move around the area to set some TNT. The pickaxe is useful to dig a tunnel or something like that. Every item should lead you to the safest destination. Are you ready to challenge your survivability and win quickly? Good luck!

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