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Duck Life: Space

Duck Life: Space

Date added: 2020-03-07
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UseMouse to switch lanes while running, Arrows to swim,andarrows to fly


 Play the demo version of the cool animal game Duck Life: Space free online and make your friend stronger! He needs to become the champion in the new adventure. In which, he must reclaim the crown stolen by aliens. Before the challenge starts, he has to train skills such as running, swimming, flying and jumping. It is an important strategy so he can defeat every opponent and claim the cup.

In Duck Life: Space unblocked, you will give him a hand to improve his abilities through different rooms. As in other entries of the fantastic Duck Life series, he will be able to hone statistics. To carry out your mission, you can customize the future winner with colors, eyes, and paint schemes. When you spend more time to practice, you will have several chances to finish your target. Are you ready? It's available to download on mobile devices! Good luck!

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