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The Lion Guard: Assemble

The Lion Guard: Assemble

Date added: 2020-03-09
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Use the mouse button to make the cub jump


The Lion Guard: Assemble is a cool side-scrolling animal game for kids. It is about an online adventure of a popular character. He needs your help to run as far as possible he reaches the goal area. It is also a way to keep him safe.

Level 1 of The Lion Guard: Assemble unblocked free is available to play. Take control of a sole cartoon animal and use his jumping ability skillfully. It is the main resource to overcome all of the challenges along the path. Watch out! Ugly aggressive pigs are full of the map. They are waiting for you to attack. To survive and maintain the limited lives or continue in The Lion Guard: Assemble, you'd better avoid them. Further, you will be recommended to collect items in the mid-air or on the ground. They are scattered at random. Therefore, you should choose the best time to land or leap. Otherwise, you will miss them. Let's start the journey and unlock stages now! 

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