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Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D

Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D

Date added: 2020-04-21
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Strike WASD to go, Space to jump, Shift to run, LMB to hit


Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D is a free action game set in a dangerous place. In which, you will start a fantastic adventure as a wolf. You are forced to fend off hazards from the surroundings at the beginning. Aside from defending yourself from stronger animals, you should not forget to find food. Eating will help you restore health and continue your story. Additionally, remember to search for a safe area to hide and rest. Play Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D online unblocked, you are assigned various quests by humans. Give them a hand to complete daily challenges! To create a family, you need to seek a mate. You will have the chance to raise cute cubs and read them skills to change into fierce hunters. It seems to be a perfect journey that revolved around the life of a small creature. Are you willing to dig deeper into the new world and enjoy it? Good luck!

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