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Alias Hyena

Alias Hyena

Date added: 2019-01-16
plays 3.602
0.0 / 10
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Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Shoot with the mouse, run with key Shift, heal with key H, reload with key R, use keys 1-5 to change the weapons, zoom with themouse, toggle the cursor with key L, pause the game or open the menu using key P or Esc. 


Alias Hyena puts you in the shoes of the last survivor who has just succeeded in surviving a frightening slaughter causing all of the other members to be eliminated. This slaughter was done by wicked monsters, you are the last survivor, so now you need to fight against them all for your survival. Make use of all the skills you have, change the weapons skillfully, aim then shoot down all enemies standing in your way while defending yourself from their attacks. Will you stay alive until the end? Play it now!

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