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Terrible Wasteland

Terrible Wasteland

Date added: 2019-01-15
plays 2.945
0.0 / 10
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Use WASD or arrows to move, Spacebar to jump, Shift to run, X to crouch, L to lock cursor,mouse to aim,mouse to attack, R to reload, P to pause. Scroll the mouse wheel to change weapons.


Terrible Wasteland is a 3D shooting game taking place in a creepy world. In the new battlefield, you have to defend yourself against scary monsters. They are the undead which can attack and kill you without difficulty. As the last person in the post-apocalyptic era, you must destroy them to survive. With weapons and abilities that you have, you can use them to cause damage or cause massive damage to the target. Are you willing to engage in the ultimate combat and become the winner? Good luck!

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