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Forest Invasion

Forest Invasion

Date added: 2018-11-20
plays 3.229
0.0 / 10
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Press WASD or Arrows to move, Space to jump, Shift to run, X to crouch, F to use items, P to pause, LMB to shoot, RMB to zoom, R to reload, Middle Mouse to select weapons, L to lock the mouse cursor.


Forest Invasion is a survival 3D shooting game. You play as the last survivor. Your teammates are killed by scary big alien monsters. You have to find the way out of the woods as soon as possible while trying to destroy those crazy creatures before they have the chance to head to the city. Remember to move carefully! Additionally, shoot until they are eliminated or they will eat you. Each of them will bring back more points to help you rank up and dominate, too. Good luck!

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